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The revolution in medicine

Medicine is one of the oldest sciences, because people have needed healers since the beginning of time. We have come a long way since the first shamans and tribe sorcerers, and now medicine is finding cures for more and more diseases, getting better every year and developing therapeutic technology. All advancements in our sciences allow medicine to take steps forward, reach more people and successfully fight more illnesses.

Communication technologies are no exception to this new wave of technical developments that have found a place in medicine. We can exchange more and more information, faster than ever before, and we are more connected across geographical distances. This is great, because it allows more patients in remote locations or busy environments to access healthcare and medical examinations. Telemedicine has earned a place in today's practice, and it will expand more and more to include more people in healthcare programs and get them on the reach of doctors and pharmacists.


 Skin problems can deeply affect a person's life. In some cases, the aesthetic impact is so big that it can actually influence its confidence and social life. Also, certain conditions can be very dangerous to the overall health, and even deadly. Rushes and itches are unconfortable and can cause skin lesions and pain. Is is very important to take care of one's skin health and get checked regularly, since most conditions are preventable or easy to fight and cure at an early stage.

However, some people don't feel comfortable with going to a dermatologist. In some cases, thay are too busy or too far away to make it to an appointment. Sometimes they just find it uncomfortable or embarrassing. Whatever the case, it isn't uncommon that some people develop advanced stages of skin diseases or just endure bothersome symtoms that could be easily relieved with proper medical care.

Good news is that telemedicine can be the solution for all these cases. Research shows that at a diagnosis stage, telemedicine is as effective as a face-to-face appointment. With the correct diagnosis, people can know what kind of medicine they need to take, and wheter or not further actions are required in order to prevent complications. Lives can be saved with proper and timely diagnosis. Taking pictures of moles, rashes or any skin symptom and showing them to a team of dermatologists who offer their services online is a very convenient option in most cases, and as effective as traditional medicine. There are sites that offer this services and in 24 hours or less you have your result. 

What skin conditions can be diagnosed this way?

Most common skin conditions can be diagnosed through teledermatology, including some that can get very dangerous and even deadly if they advance without proper diagnosis. Here is a short list of skin problems that teledermatology can detect in time.


Also known as dermatitis, eccema is an irritative skin condition with swelling and itching. Most cases of eccema can be treated with creams. It is important to detect the cause of eccema in order to prevent it from recurring. Eccema is often caused by an allergic reaction to certain substances the skin gets in contact with, or the person eats. In other cases, it has been linked to emotional distress.


Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. It often looks like a mole that changes its shape or colour in a short period of time. Melanoma can grow under the skin and its cells may even migrate to other organs and tissues, causing more tumours. When early diagnosed, melanoma can be treated.


Effective remedies for psoriasis have been recently developed. This is a skin condition heavily linked to emotional factors. The skin cells reproduce too fast and they create a hard shell on hands, face, elbows or other spots. These shells itch and cause aesthetic problems in patients.


Sunburn is the irritation and inflammation of skin caused by overexposure to the sun's UV rays. These damage the cells of our skin and may increase the risk of skin cancer. Sunburn causes reddish skin and pain. The dead skin cells often peel off after a few days.

Syphillis rash

Altough not a skin disease itself, syphillis does have skin symptoms that can even help the patient be diagnosed. The typcial syphillis rash itches a lot and appears in different parts of the body. Syphillis is a potentially deadly disease but a simple dose of penicillin is enough to cure it, so the correct diagnosis can be all a patient needs.

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