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Skin Cancer - One of the Most Deadly Types of Cancer

Skin cancer is one of the most deadly types of cancer. While it is true that almost all types of cancers prove fatal in more cases than not, skin cancer is considered one of the most dangerous of all types of cancers with a fatality rate which is higher than most of the others. Among types of skin cancer, melanoma is considered the deadliest and is the third most common type of skin cancer. One of the reasons why melanoma is so common is because it is caused by extreme exposure to the sun. This is one of the reasons why dermatologists warn against the dangers of burnt skin

One of the things that needs to be understood about melanoma in particular and skin and other types of cancer in general is that the best chance that a person has of staying alive after cancer cells become active in the body is their early detection. There have been enough medical breakthroughs in medicinal science that cancer has now become treatable. The only caveat is that the treatments only work properly and ensure long-term success if the cancer is detected at an early stage. The same goes for melanoma which is the deadliest type of skin cancer. If melanoma is detected and diagnosed at an early stage, the chances of survival remain very high. 

Early Detection of Melanoma

The best way to ensure early detection of melanoma is to consistently look at your moles. The biggest indication the body gives about the activity of melanoma’s cancer cells is through the moles on your skin. The moles would start to become large or small or change their color or have inconsistent borders and all these would indicate that you need to get yourself checked by a proper dermatologist. 

So, the first inspection needs to be done by you on your own. You simply can’t run to your dermatologist every week to get your moles checked just because you suspect that you might have melanoma or any other skin infection for that matter. So, the best way to go about it would be to check the moles on your own to begin with and if you think that there is a problem then you should get in touch with a dermatologist.

So, what should you look out for when inspecting the moles on your skin? Firstly, locate all the moles on your skin. From your hands to your legs to your back, you should find out each and every mole there is on your skin. Then you should start observing them for consistency. Do they all look alike and if they do what is their shape? There should be consistency in the shape, size and color of all the moles. It’s not just about all moles looking alike, it is also important that any one mole should not be multicolored. One of melanoma’s classic signs is a multicolored mole where by one side of the mole has a different color to the other side of the mole. You should also move your hand over the moles to check for consistency in their surface. Lastly, you should keep tabs on the size of the moles and think about going to a dermatologist in case you find out that a mole has grown smaller or larger.

Getting Checked by a Dermatologist

You can never be sure about your own observations and thus, it’s best to schedule a checkup with a dermatologist for the smallest doubts. Even if you are 95% sure that it’s just a hoax, you should be better safe than sorry and should get it checked by a dermatologist. The only problem these days is that getting an appointment with a dermatologist can take days and any time lost in waiting for the appointment might lead the disease to an advanced stage. 

Thus, a better option would be to try a service which can get you an online appointment with a dermatologist within 24 hours. All you would need to do is to send a picture of the mole along with information about what you feel. One of the dermatologists on the service’s panel would review your case within 24 hours and then respond with his/her observation and what you should do next. While tests are needed to confirm melanoma, dermatologists often decide on whether a test is needed or not simply by an inspection of moles. This can be done through pictures with ease. So, the dermatologist wouldn’t have any problems in diagnosing the issue and in providing you the right treatment. It is important to get a checkup from a dermatologist rather than thinking that you have melanoma on your own. It’s true that many people can get confused as Dermatologists revels facts which show a poison ivy plant can cause similar skin troubles as that of melanoma. So, in any case, it’s best to get in touch with an online dermatologist for all of your concerns. 

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