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How to check if moles are cancerous

Some Interesting Facts About Cancer

Cancer has proven itself as probably the most disruptive disease in the world. Cancer proves fatal in many cases and even in cases where the patient survives; the treatment is so rigorous that it has a long lasting impact on the person’s health. Cancer is of many types and each type of cancer has its own set of symptoms and indications. Breakthroughs in medicinal sciences has helped in making different types of cancers curable if they are diagnosed early and the only way for cancers to be diagnosed early is for the people to know about the symptoms each type of cancer shows.

The most common type of cancer in the US is skin cancer with a startling revelation from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showing that if the recent trends related to skin cancer continue, 1 in 5 Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer in the near future. The only good thing about skin cancer is that not all of its types are fatal. Melanoma is considered the most fatal of all skin cancer types and it is the third most common type of skin cancer. Around 10,000 people die in the US from melanoma every year with close to 70,000 cases of melanoma diagnosed. 

The thing to understand here is that regardless of the type of skin cancer, it is treatable if it is caught early. Melanoma is no different and can be treated properly if the cancer is caught at an early stage. It’s just about keeping a tab on your body to know if your body is sending a signal that melanoma’s cancerous cells are active in the body or not. The body gives warning signs at all times but people don’t go to the doctor fast enough since they don’t know about the warning signs and thus, miss out on them. 

Checking for Early Signs of Melanoma

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer and thus, your first clues to its activity in your body would appear on your skin. All the signs and symptoms mentioned here are often observed by people who are diagnosed with melanoma but this doesn’t mean that if you find out that you are suffering from any one of the symptoms that you are also suffering from melanoma 100%. dermatologists reveals facts about poison ivy which show that it might have a slightly similar effect to that of melanoma’s symptoms so it’s better to just let your doctor know and don’t worry. If you see any signs that are mentioned here on your own skin then it remains important that you contact the doctor immediately and let him/her know about it. The doctor would then do the necessary tests that would confirm or deny the presence of melanoma’s cancer cells in your body. 

To check for signs, it’s necessary that you keep a tab on the moles. Melanoma’s sure shot signs usually have it all to do with the moles and observing the moles would be the best way to check for the disease. The signs include:

Unsymmetrical Mole

If your mole is not symmetrical i.e. one half of the mole seems different from its other half then there is cause for worry. A mole is usually round or oval in shape and if there is inconsistency of color or shape then it might be an indication of a deeper skin problem like melanoma.

Irregular Mole Border

If the border of any of the moles on your body isn’t smooth then that is also an indication of melanoma. Check for consistency on the mole’s border by taking your finger over it and if you find an irregular border then you should get in touch with your doctor.

  Multicolored Moles

Moles on the skin have similar colors so if one mole has a different color then it should sound an alarm. If you find that a mole has turned darker than it was before then that should also sound an alarm.

  Ever-Changing Moles

If a given mole on your skin starts to change its color or increases or decreases in size then that would also be an indication of a serious skin issue. 

What You Can Do to Ensure Early Diagnosis of Skin Cancer

You should continually Check your skin every few weeks to have peace of mind that you are either not a patient of skin cancer or to ensure early diagnosis if you are. A full body checkup includes checking behind your back, neck and thighs and you should use a mirror to do that. Anything that you find fishy on your skin or anything that looks like an early indication of melanoma should be reported to the doctor immediately. In many cases, it might just be a small skin problem but it’s better to be safe than sorry.  


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